Shipment rates


Under 3500 SEK Over 3500 SEK
 DHL Express 250 SEK Free
 DHL Express – forsikret 360 SEK 110 SEK

* Delevery time: 4-6 days

Shipment rates for Denmark

Under 700 DKK Over 700 DKK
 DAO (shop) 59 DKK Free
 Bring (shop) 59 DKK Free
 Bring (home delevery) 130 DKK 50 DKK
 PostNord (shop) 65 DKK Free
 PostNord (home delevery) 89 DKK 45 DKK
Pickup in our shop Free Free

* Delevery time: 2-4 days

  • If you want your order shipped to a specific parcel shop, please stated it in the payment form’s comment field
  • If you want a different delivery address, simply click in the “Ship to a different address?” and enter the desired delivery address


Shipping costs depend on which country the order are to be ship to.
When you get to the shopping cart, you can enter which country you like the order to be shipped to and see what the shipping cost are in your case.

Should there be any question or challenge with the freight for your order, you are always welcome to contact us.

Shipping to countries outside the EU

Orders to countries outside the EU are sent via PostNord to your private address.

Under 320 Euro Over 320 Euro
Australia 87 Euro 43 Euro
Brazil 52 Euro 26 Euro
Cameroon 54 Euro 27 Euro
Canada 74 Euro 37 Euro
Phillipines 41 Euro 20 Euro
Hong Kong 43 Euro 21 Euro
India 53 Euro 26 Euro
Indonesia 37 Euro 18 Euro
Japan 45 Euro 22 Euro
China 60 Euro 30 Euro
Korea 36 Euro 18 Euro
Malaysia 42 Euro 21 Euro
New Zealand 87 Euro 43 Euro
Russia 78 Euro 39 Euro
Singapore 47 Euro 23 Euro
Taiwan 56 Euro 28 Euro
Thailand 35 Euro 17 Euro
Turkey 44 Euro 22 Euro
United Arab Emirates 48 Euro 24 Euro
USA 76 Euro 38 Euro
Vietnam 37 Euro 18 Euro



When you buy one or more cask shares at our web shop, you pay for your share in the Whisky/ROM cask. Shipping of bottles when the cask have been bottled, is not included in the price.
When the bottles are on their way to our warehouse, you will be asked to pay for the import fee for your bottles to Denmark. Shall the bottles afterwords be shipped to your address after they arrive to our warehouse, you will be charged the shipping costs for this.


If you wish to pick up your order in our physical store, this can be done during the store’s opening hours or by appointment.

You can also order your product by emailing us at with whatever you want. Then we will send the order to you after you have payed for the invoice we send you, or pick up your order during the shop opening hours.