Longmorn 2008 (Sherry) – #060

By purchasing a share in this Longmorn 1st Fill Oloroso cask, you will receive two bottles of 13Y old Longmorn of 70cl, bottled at cask strength.
It is expected that approx. 250 bottles, out of the barrel at full cask strength of just over 52% when bottled in 2021.

The dram in the glass, gives long heavy “tears”. The scent that comes to one in the glass is wonderful.

Status update on the cask:

February 12, 2021 Our tasting panel tasted a cask sample from February 2021, and the panel’s overall assessment is that the cask is ready for bottling this year. We have therefore asked our bottlers to have the cask bottled shortly after the whisky turns 13 on 30 October 2021.
September 24, 2021 The taste panel was assembled again, and we tasted i.a. on a small cask sample from the cask again, to be absolutely sure that the cask is ready for bottling. There was great agreement that the cask is ready for bottling. So the cask is bottled as planned after it is 13 years old. We do not know the date yet, but when we know it, there will be an update more here on the page about it.

NB The tasting notes given further down on this page are from the most recent cask sample.


The cask was bottled on November 3 at a cask strength of 55.2%. 197 bottles (70cl) came out of the cask and also 24 bottles of 20cl. The bottles are sent to our warehouse when labels are affixed.

Distilled on


Expected to be bottled

Expected in stock

The end of November 2021

Cask #


Cask type

1st Fill Oloroso Sherry Barrel

Whisky region

Whisky group

Fadandel's #


Total shares for sale


Bottles per. share

2 x 70cl

Import fee per share

450 DKK (approx. €60) per share

Cask sample from

September 2021 – 56.2%


Reddish brown muscat


First, there is sherry in the nose. Followed by nuts, dried figs, and finally comes a light breeze of herbs


Pleasantly sweet and slightly salty. A viscous and creamy mouthfeel, with sherry, citrus fruits, dried figs, prunes, roasted hazelnuts and chocolate


Medium to long aftertaste, of sherry, chocolate, a little herbs added, along with freshly ground butter

Cask Share (2 x 70cl)
21 in stock
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  • The size of each cask share, is stated for each unit under “Bottles per share
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  • The certificate of the cask share is sent together with your purchase invoice and together is the proof of your purchase
    The certificate is personal and therefore cannot be transferred to a third party, without prior agreement with Fadandel.dk
  • When the bottles from the individual cask are on their way home to Denmark, the co-owners will be sent an invoice on import fee that are stated on the cask share
  • The bottle size is set at 70cl standard round bottles, unless otherwise stated on the individual casks share. And always bottled at cask strength
  • All bottles in the cask are affixed with Fadandel’s label, unless otherwise agreed in advance
  • After the cask has been bottled and the bottles have arrived in Denmark, the co-operatives will be contacted for the collection of the bottles
  • If the bottles in your share are to be shipped to you, you will be charged for the shipping
  • Import fee is a calculation, based on the known expenses (at the time of purchase of the cask), which are bottling of the cask, bottles, labels, home transport and VAT
  • Should unforeseen expenses be incurred in connection with the return of the share bottles, this price will be regulated, as we cannot foresee the possible costs changes, that may come in the future on alcohol imports
  • Cask samples, Fadandel.dk will periodically (about every 2 years) take a sample from each cask
    These cask samples are taken in part to follow the development of the cask/whisky, and for customers can buy a sample on the web shop and in our store
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You can read more about the process from purchase to delivery of the cask share bottles here.

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The process of buying a cask share

Purchase of cask share

You buy the cask share you want on the we shop. Afterword’s you receive a certificate of participation and an invoice. If you are unsure which one to buy, you can buy a cask sample or take part in a cask tasting before deciding.


The shares will be bottled on 70cl standard round bottles, unless otherwise stated on the individual cask share. All bottles in the cask are affixed with Fadandel’s label, unless otherwise agreed in advance.

Import fee

When it is time to bottle the cask, the cask owners will receive an invoice on the import fee. The import fee is charged only when the bottles are bottled and on the way home to our warehouse.

Bottles arrive at our warehouse

After the cask has been bottled and the bottles have come to Denmark, the cask owners will be contacted for collection of the bottles. If the bottles are to be despatched, the bottles in the cask share can be sent for a shipping fee.