Islay Blended 10Y – 58.3%

We have bottled/taken home our cask share #034, and the remaining bottles from the cask are therefore put up for sale, in the physical shop and here at the web-shop. The cask is bottled in standard round bottles, at a full cask strength of 58.3%, and in memory of Bessie Williamson “The first female distillery owner (1938 – 1972)”.

A super delicious Islay dram that has surprised us positively, and what delicious peat is in scent and taste 🥃

We must not write the name of the distillery on the label, but can say that the distillery is located on Islay, between the old Port Ellen and Lagavulin on the road A846. This is a T-Spooned cask, which is why we have to write “Blended” when we are not allowed to write the distillery name itself.

The bottling has received great praise from the customers who have tasted it in our physical store, and the customers we have subsequently heard from.

Customer comment:
Wow !!! Bessie Williamson, wow!
I think we are many who have been waiting for this one. Many probably think that it is rare drops and the two bottles from the proportion smoke directly on the shelf in the caches. Not here. Whisky is there to be drunk.
And then to the point: I pull the stopper off and smell …
There is peat of the sweet kind, and very dusty attic, light smoke from an endangered grill and caramel sweetness from roasted, sweet and caramelized potatoes as at Christmas dinner.
Pour up and taste … Wow! … it comes again as an eruption, even though I sit and taste alone. Peat, smoke and roasted caramel as in the aroma, roasted paper, yes all elements as in the aroma and a little more, just reinforced 1000 times and the whiskey creates lots of mouthwash, so delicious is it. Easy to drink and not strong at all. Huge peat hug.
Then the aftertaste comes bursting with licorice root, which we as children bought in white paper bags at the pharmacy. And not to forget; there is plenty of salt and seaweed flavor in this amazing bottling.
An incredibly intense bottling that you just want to drink more and more of.
Unfortunately, on this late Sunday, after three drams, reality creeps in, because there is a working day tomorrow. But I’ll return to you on Friday, Bessie, you are my new, great love. 🥃💚🥃
85 out of 100 points
I was about to suggest you poured this into your favourite hipflask, but then you'd need to carry a 1.5l bottle of water with you. Anyway, fun young Laphroaig to play tricks on some friends. Like, 'see what water does'.

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First the smoke comes (little cigar) followed by medicine and salt. In depth, a little menthol and oak emerges


At first, heavy smoke settles on the tongue, along with salt and menthol. Followed by oak/cigar box


Long aftertaste of smoke, which tones out nicely in citrus fruits with fresh moss and a light peat

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