Highland Park 4Y – 50%

Claxton’s has bottled this Highland Park, after 4 years on the cask and at 50%.

The bottling here is one of the 7 different ones released in their second release of their “Exploration Series”. The whisky has been aged the 4 years on an ex-bourbon barrel, which has helped to give this bottling, vanilla flavor to the whisky.

Highland Park was founded back in 1798, and today owned by the “Edrington Group”. The distillery has an annual capacity of 2,500,000 liters.

In this second release of the “Exploration Series”, a total of 7 different bottlings have been released, which Fadandel.dk has the agency on. All bottlings in this series are bottled in standard round bottles, and not in the “flat” bottle type that Claxton’s otherwise normally uses. Under the foil on all the taps, in the “Exploration Series”, you will find a Claxton’s gold tokens. Once you have collected five tokens and sent them back to Claxton’s, you will have access to an exclusive Claxton’s bottling. Read more about the process here.

Taste notes: Claxton’s description of the bottling.


Distilled on




Whisky region

Whisky group

Cask type

Ex. Bourbon Barrel


Herbal sweetness. Heather. The smokiness is soft and scented (like a sweet ash)


Soft ashy-peatiness at first before vanilla and sweet heather comes through


Long, spicy finish with plenty of vanilla, sweet smoke and oak

Bottled by


Bottle size


70cl bottle
14 in stock
Sample 3cl
15 in stock

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