This book is for the gin lover – In Danish

60 recipes for gin, tonic and cocktails with tips and ideas for making your very own gin and tonic. As well as lots of suggestions for new cocktails with gin

Here are lots of suggestions on how the gin enthusiast makes his own gin by adding different ingredients (botanicals) to give you a whole new flavor in his G&T.

Gin consists of a basic alcohol and juniper, so you can easily add berries, fruits, spices, herbs and vegetables with really good results. Here are also recipes for tonic, which you can easily make yourself: It consists of a basic syrup, diluted with Danish water, and it can be tasted like gin with various ingredients.

In addition, the book contains lots of suggestions to match both homemade gin and tonics and well-known brands – and not least recipes for the most delicious gin cocktails.

The author is originally a trained chef in Italy. its gastronomic experience in developing drinks and cocktails.

About the author:
Jesper Schmidt is a trained chef in Italy. He holds gin and drink courses and has helped organize the Gin festival.

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