Ardor Danish Oak – 46%


For us, Ardor Danish Oak is not just a whisky. It is a child of the heart, who testifies to the fantastic transformations that both cask and whisky have to go through to create something as beautiful as our Ardor Danish Oak.

Ardor Danish Oak is a beautiful organic whisky that has been boosted on Danish oak barrels. The oak barrels that have been used for Ardor Danish Oak have been made from oak trees from Erholm Estate on Funen. Not only does the oak give a fantastic taste to the whisky, it also tells a story about how this whiskey’s journey already started back in the late 1800s, when an acorn was sown around Erholm Estate and later grew into a large nice oak, which was eventually turned into our casks.

We filled our casks of Danish oak with some of our best whisky, which had already been on cask for 5-7 years. Because new casks are so powerful and full of flavor, we stop ripening after some time, and again move the whiskey over to new bourbon casks, where it lay until it was ready for bottling.

100% organic whiskey. Distilled at Nyborg Distillery.


This is from Batch: 167

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Ardor Danish Oak is a soft and sweet whisky, where many of the same notes from the nose are repeated in the taste. You will be able to taste notes of pears, apricots and hazelnuts.


You will be greeted by a wonderful scent of pears, apricots and hazelnuts. You will also quickly be able to sense a scent of Virginia tobacco and the wonderful dish tannins.

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