Chocisky’s Whisky chocolate

Chocisky™ is a rich, vibrant and authentic range of traditional chocolate made by whole bean roasting methods lifting the complex volatiles and aromatic flavours from a disparate range of cocoa beans and specially chosen to pair with quality whisky.

Paired across the regional variations of whisky notes Chocisky™ Whisky Chocolates is its own distinctive experience. The challenge was to create a palette of traditional chocolate flavours that complimented without overwhelming the malts whisky it was selected to pair with… Not an easy task but sure to enhance the whisky notes to be enjoyed.

To produce the Chocisky™ experience we have brought together eight different traditional chocolates from plantations across Africa and South America. A range of pure organic chocolates to pair with any malt whisky. The joy of a whisky pairing experience is now yours.

The plantations used in our chocolates are from Ecuador, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Mexico, Soa Tome, Trinidad and Venezuela. All the chocolates are sourced from sustainable cocoa farming. Scotland’s best kept secret the art of chocolate / whisky pairing.

Organic and authentic, Chocisky™ suggest you enjoy with friends and a whisky of your choosing.

The process of buying a cask share

Purchase of cask share

You buy the cask share you want on the we shop. Afterword’s you receive a certificate of participation and an invoice. If you are unsure which one to buy, you can buy a cask sample or take part in a cask tasting before deciding.


The shares will be bottled on 70cl standard round bottles, unless otherwise stated on the individual cask share. All bottles in the cask are affixed with Fadandel’s label, unless otherwise agreed in advance.

Import fee

When it is time to bottle the cask, the cask owners will receive an invoice on the import fee. The import fee is charged only when the bottles are bottled and on the way home to our warehouse.

Bottles arrive at our warehouse

After the cask has been bottled and the bottles have come to Denmark, the cask owners will be contacted for collection of the bottles. If the bottles are to be despatched, the bottles in the cask share can be sent for a shipping fee.