When you buy bottles at Fadandel.dk, they are of course at cask strength and neither coloured with caramel, cold-filtered. They are only subject to a rough mechanical filtration for distant wooden splinters etc. from the whisky. Thus, there may be small particles in the whisky, which is quite natural and quite harmless.
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Benrinnes 19Y – 51.5%

This Benrinnes whisky is bottled at cask strength of 51.5% after 19 years on the cask.

Blair Athol 8Y - 58.3% - From TCS

Blair Athol 8Y – 58.3%

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Blair Athol in the shop, so when we found this one we(…)

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Possibility of sample purchaseBruichladdich 13Y Oloroso Finish - 54,5%

Bruichladdich 13Y (Oloroso Finish) – 54.5%

We present here an exclusive bottling for Fadandel.dk, from the independent bottler Claxton’s. A super nice Bruichladdich bottling, which has(…)

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Bruichladdich 17Y – 62.8%

We have imported a cask of Bruichladdich for a customer and bought a batch of the bottling for the shop(…)


Bruichladdich 8Y – 57.9%

A relatively young bottling from the Bruichladdich distillery, which Claxton’s has bottled at a full cask strength of 57.9%. It(…)

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Bunnahabhain 14Y – 51.6%

This Bunnahabhain is bottled at cask strength of 51.6% after 14 years on cask.

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Bunnahabhain 9Y – 52.8%

A Bunnahabhain “The Octave” bottling from Duncan Taylor, bottled for Fadandel.dk. The whisky has been in the cask for 9(…)

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Cameronbridge 28Y – 42.2%

This bottling from the Cameronbridge distillery, which is bottled by Claxton’s, has been bottled at a cask strength of 42.2%,(…)


Campbeltown Whisky Chocolate

Chocisky Islay Whisky Chocolate, is a silky smooth chocolate is guaranteed to bring a magical enhancement to your Campbeltown Whisky chocolate pairing experience.

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Possibility of sample purchaseCaol Ila 7Y @ 50% - From Claxton's - Fadandel.dk

Caol Ila 7Y – 50%

CLAXTON’S has bottled this 7Y old Caol Ila, which has aged on a PX Sherry cask before being bottled at(…)

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Caol Ila 7Y – 60%

Intense smoke from Caol Ila 🙂

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Caol Ila 7Y Entre Deux Mers – 60.0%

This Caol Ila have been stored all 7 years on a 1st fill Entre Deux Mers Barrique cask. A super(…)